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Jim Marcinak's  '53 Mercury
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Stainless Steel Fittings

Advantages of Teflon
Chemical Resistant - PTFE creates a nearly universal hose which handles the broadest range of media.
• Temperature Resistant - From cryogenics to steam all in one hose.
• Low Friction - Low pressure drop because deposits do not accumulate on the innercore. Easy to clean
permitting use of one hose for several services.
• Flexible - Withstands continuous flexing and vibration without failure from flex fatigue.
• Moisture Resistant - Ideal for pneumatic systems requiring low dew point functionality.
• Chemically Inert - Will not break down or deteriorate in service.
• Non-Aging - Unlimited shelf life because properties do not change with age or exposure to weather.
Typical Teflon Hose Applications
Teflon hoses are used throughout industry for process, transfer and hydraulic and pneumatic uses. Applications
typically require longer service life and excellent reliability and dependability; they include: Chemical, Chlorine, Hot
Melt, Turbines, Bus, Machinery, Waterblast, Automotive, Steel/Aluminum, Pulp & Paper, R.I.M., Truck, Hot Presses,
Compressed Gas, Ground, Support/Test, Steam, Molten Plastic, Engine, Tire Pressure, Dehydrators, Reverse
Osmosis, Autoclaves, Packaging, High Performance, Racing, Power Generation, Pumps, Paint, Food Processing,
Medical, Pharmaceutical, and Textile.


A/C Block Kits

A/C Block Kits

Tired of spending hundreds of dollars for automotive A/C repairs?


We have the solution!

Repairing rear air conditioning lines on vehicles can get very costly.  Why not block off the rear air conditioning completely with one of our custom designed rear A/C block kits. 


These A/C block kits are specially designed to disable the rear A/C on the vehicle and leave the front air conditioning completely functional.  These kits are easy to install and will save you hundreds of dollars on the entire repair bill, while still giving you the comfort of front Air Conditioning